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Thursday, December 3


Operating Cloud Foundry with Ease and Added Values - Simon Leung & Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM
Cloud Foundry is fully featured, however, there are moments when we wish it had come with those 1 or 2 extra features; could be features to make administrator’s life a little easier, or it could be tools to utilize environment specific features. CLI (Command Line Interface) plugin is among one of the easiest ways for providers to customize Cloud Foundry. Come learn about how the plugin framework available as part of the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface can be used to provide new features to end users quickly and easily, with real life examples of how it helps operators and end users. See how plugins leverage the portability and distribution architecture of the CF CLI to deliver features to users easily regardless of architecture or operating system. You too can utilize plugins to provide new functionality and interact with infrastructure built around and on top of Cloud Foundry.


Jonathan Berkhahn

Jonathan Berkhahn: Software engineer on IBM’s CF Community Dev Team, now a member of the CF CAPI team bettering the CF user experience. Ongoing projects include PAT, a performance testing suite for CF, and software evaluation for next-gen genome sequencing.
avatar for Simon Leung

Simon Leung

Simon is one of the early Dojo program participant and has been working on varies Cloud Foundry projects for almost 3 years. Currently he is in CAPI team help pushing Cloud Controller features forward.

Thursday December 3, 2015 10:45 - 11:15
Salon 5


Monkeys & Lemurs and Locusts Oh My - Anti-Fragile Platforms - Sean Keery, Pivotal
Monkeys & Lemurs and Locusts Oh My - Anti-Fragile Platforms (Sean Keery, Pivotal) - Is the idea of a midnight meltdown keeping you up at night? Are the four levels of HA built into Cloud Foundry enough to put you at ease? Sean Keery will examine how leveraging a combination of exploratory testing practices, in concert with regular load and performance experiments, can simultaneously increase uptime and decrease release cycle times. He will demonstrate how operators can reduce platform risk by regularly injecting failure scenarios into BOSH deployed systems. Demonstrations of the Simian Army, Chaos Lemur and Locust.io tools will be presented. Sean will go beyond reliability, stability and availability to help your platform operations team build a continuous process improvement program which will prepare your production systems for the unexpected.

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Sean Keery

Solutions Architect - Cloud Foundry, Pivotal
Sean Keery began hacking obscure video game systems at the age of 13. Sean then developed interpersonal skills while teaching snowboarding. Nowadays we've got Cloud Foundry, choreography, containers and plenty of io. Cluster deployments and IaaS independence occupy most days, while... Read More →

Thursday December 3, 2015 11:25 - 11:55
Salon 5


Quickly Deploy Cloud Foundry through Automation - Shi Hui Bin, IBM
Cloud Foundry is being adopted by more and more companies for product development, test and operations. In many cases, users want to setup a Cloud Foundry environment quickly to check some new features, test some significant changes, verify the update or upgrade processes, etc. Automation is important for these kinds of needs.
IBM BlueMix is built on top of Cloud Foundry and has set up several dedicated environments for clients. We have an automation mechanism with necessary standardization to centrally manage the BlueMix environments located in different Data Centers in the world. With this, we are able to build the Cloud Foundry environment in a few hours with “ONE button” only. It also supports users to review log information from web UI for debugging and analysis.
In this session, I would like to share the experiences of the automation practice we are using and interact with the industry users on the best practices.

Thursday December 3, 2015 12:05 - 12:35
Salon 5


Cloud Foundry Security Overview - Aliaksandr Prysmakou, Cloud Foundry Engineer, Altoros
Many first-time Cloud Foundry users are concerned about how safe it is to run applications in containers. This talk aims to dispel the fears by presenting and analyzing facts on different aspects of Cloud Foundry security. Specifically:

- Securing CF operations: separating access rights and deployments
- App security: using isolation and package signing to ensure that every piece of code deployed to CF has passed all the required tests
- SSL validation for custom domains: enabling custom domain names for different applications
- Compliance with security standards: PCI DSS and HIPAA
- Network packet filtering: how to manage/limit interactions between components and apps
- Authentication in CF: integration with LDAP

avatar for Aliaksandr Prysmakou

Aliaksandr Prysmakou

Aliaksandr Prysmakou is a Cloud Foundry/DevOps Engineer at Altoros. He is an expert in cloud automation and virtualization. As a member of a joint team formed by Canonical, Pivotal, and Altoros, Alex worked on automating Cloud Foundry deployment. He also contributed to extending BOSH... Read More →

Thursday December 3, 2015 14:00 - 14:30
Salon 5


Cloud Foundry and ELK - Logging in the Clouds - David Laing, stayUp.io and Jack Wu, Pivotal
The Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) stack is quickly becoming the go-to solution for open source logging and data analysis. In this presentation we will show you how you can integrate the ELK stack with Cloud Foundry to gain valuable insights into the platform and the applications running on top of it.

avatar for David Laing

David Laing

"A long time member of the Cloud Foundry community, David is a core contributor to BOSH and the leader of the opensource Logsearch (ELK + BOSH - http://logsearch.io) project. In collaboration with CloudCredo, David’s company stayUp.io provides commercial support for Logsearch and... Read More →
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疆 吴

My name is Jack Wu (吴疆)and I am a principle engineer in Pivotal Inc. I start my Bosh/CloudFoundry time from 2013 with a big data project. And from that time, I become more and more interesting in PaaS and CloudFoundry. Now I works in Pivotal Cloudops team to build the Pivotal... Read More →

Thursday December 3, 2015 14:40 - 15:10
Salon 5


Cloud Foundry Elastic Clusters - Mark Kropf, Pivotal
CF Operators want the ability to isolate workloads across separate networks, iaas’s, and datacenters to meet compliance, availability, and cost requirements. CF Operators expect to achieve this isolation without the added overhead of managing multiple full installs of Cloud Foundry.

The goal of this set of features is to enable the cloud controller to address multiple runtime clusters and assign application placement by mapping a Cloud Foundry Space to a cluster. We intend to create a new bosh deployment, a Cloud Foundry Elastic Cluster, that includes the diego runtime components, routing tier, and logging components. The cloud controller will have added functionality to allow operators to manage Elastic Clusters of CF capacity via the api.


Mark Kropf

Global Chief Technology Officer, Pivotal
Mark Kropf has over a decade of experience in leading software engineering and infrastructure organizations. Prior to his current role as Director of Cloud Foundry Product Management at Pivotal, Mark served as GM of Emerging Technologies at Diebold, Inc. For several years, Mark has... Read More →

Thursday December 3, 2015 15:20 - 15:50
Salon 5