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Xiujiao Gao

Stark & Wayne, LLC
Xiujiao is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB). Her research projects at UB include Virtual Network (VN) Mapping, Virtual Network Function Placement, Multicast Services VN Mapping, and Mapping Reliability in Cloud Computing.
She is currently working at Stark & Wayne as a Cloud Engineer helping to deliver tremendous value to customers, including contributing to many of S&W’s OSS projects to facilitate those clients’ needs. She has performed many BOSH deployments including CF and written many concourse pipelines for automated deployment of various services to multiple environments (e.g. development, pre-production, production, etc...) on top of several infrastructure providers (e.g. AWS, vSphere, OpenStack, etc...). Xiujiao has presented at world wide conferences in both academia and industry including CF summits in USA, Europe, and China.